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Despite all the video conferences, digital happenings and hybrid events – for small companies and start-ups, a trade fair presence at a real exhibition is and remains the game changer. Nevertheless, many newcomers shy away from exhibiting at trade fairs because they fear that the organizational effort and out-of-control costs will be too great. AUMA can help here. As the association of the German trade fair industry, AUMA is particularly committed to medium-sized and young, innovative companies and supports them in participating in trade fairs abroad, among other things. When you see how versatile, professional and useful these tools and aids are, you will soon put your doubts aside and tackle your first exhibition project.

Which exhibition is the best for me?

AUMA can also help you answer this question. On its website you will find a gigantic, constantly updated exhibition database. When does a trade fair presence fit into your business schedule? Where are your markets? Who are your clients? The database contains 5,000 exhibitions in Germany and abroad with dates, topics and key figures so that you can search them specifically by period, location and industry. This gives you a perfect basis for deciding which exhibitions are particularly promising for your company.

AUMA exhibition database
Source: AUMA – Exhibition database


Do the trade fair benefit check!

Also on the AUMA website is the Trade Fair Benefit Check, a free efficiency tool that offers you important assistance in planning your exhibition presence – from defining the exhibition objectives and determining the desired benefits to budget planning. Afterwards, you can also quantify the benefits of participating in the trade fair and compare them with the costs incurred. It is accompanied by educational videos and a huge wealth of information.

Source: AUMA Toolbox –


Take advantage of existing public funding opportunities!

If you are located and produce in Germany, you can also apply for financial support for your exhibition participation. For example, the Federal Ministry of Economics promotes the joint stands of young innovative companies at leading international trade fairs held in Germany. The focus is on exporting new products and processes, with a maximum of 7,500 euros in funding per company per exhibition. AUMA offers a comprehensive overview of funding opportunities of the German government.

In addition, the federal states also have funding programs for participation in exhibitions. They are primarily tailored to small and medium-sized companies and apply to trade fairs. Each federal state has its own guidelines, which you can also access via the AUMA website.

Get objective and neutral information!

It’s always sunshine and rainbows on the websites of trade fair companies. As the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, AUMA offers neutral and truthful information and key figures on exhibitions. If you look at the number of visitors to a particular exhibition over the years, you can immediately see whether it is trending or whether it has lost importance – regardless of what the exhibition itself says on its website.

But what else are we actually writing here? You have probably already been surfing through the endless wealth of information on the AUMA website.

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