Exhibition stand design: What you need to know about graphics!

Don’t underestimate the importance of exhibition stand design! You should pay particular attention to the graphics of your exhibition stand. One of the most common mistakes is to simply adopt the graphics and materials of standard marketing measures. Read this article to find out what the problem is and how you can do it better.

From trade fair concept to trade fair stand design

Two major requirements are placed on an exhibition stand design: Firstly, it must have a good long-distance effect in order to attract the interest of visitors from afar. Secondly, on closer inspection the visitor must find the relevant information in a well-prepared form. This is a major challenge, especially because of the limited graphic areas. That’s why you need a good trade fair concept. The first step is to define the target group, because the orientation of the exhibition stand changes considerably depending on the composition of the target group. The target group can consist of existing customers or focus on new customers. You should also consider which specialist areas the trade fair visitors come from and which positions the target group holds in the company.

The core message of your trade fair presentation is then defined. The motto is: less is more! It is neither possible nor advisable to present all aspects of the company at the trade fair. The message is watered down and loses its power. However, a visitor must clearly recognize at first glance what the core message of the exhibition stand is. The best way to do this is to consider what problems and issues your target group has and what solutions your company offers for these. The core messages derived from this are the basis for a target-oriented and meaningful stand design. Incidentally, stand employees should also be trained accordingly so that they can convey your messages precisely and clearly.


Exhibition stand design graphics 02

Graphics on the back walls – the best tips!

Visitors only have 10 seconds to clearly recognize your message. The rear walls of the knives play a central role here, as they contain the most important information. Here are three practical tips that you should bear in mind when designing:

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

    Do not underestimate the power of well-chosen motifs and images. Within a few moments, images can convey a feeling. The colors of the pictures are also decisive for the atmosphere on the stand. By using well-chosen imagery in combination with a clearly formulated message, you ensure that visitors understand your message at first glance.

  2. Clarify the core message

    Especially if you have a small stand, you should limit yourself to just one statement. It is more important that visitors are left with a key message than that they know everything about your product portfolio or company.

  3. The golden ratio in exhibition stand design

    It is a tried and tested stylistic device for creating a harmonious design and your exhibition stand can also benefit from it. To do this, divide your motif area into thirds from top to bottom. Your message and logo should be clearly visible in the upper third. This upper area is visible above the furniture and stand personnel at all times, which is why it is particularly important for the first impression. More detailed information can now be placed in the middle third, which is only easy to read on closer inspection. Make sure that there is no relevant text information in the bottom third, as this area is almost always covered by furniture or people.

Now you know where to start with your trade fair planning. With the right exhibition stand design, your trade fair appearance will be a great success!

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