More trade fair success with the right TRAINING

We get your stand personnel ready

Visitor types and expectations, making professional contact, conducting conversations, do's and don'ts at the trade fair stand, etc., etc., etc. - We prepare your team for their work at the trade fair stand, train them in successful behavior and show them how to conduct structured conversations.

These are the advantages of trade fair training

No matter how impressive an exhibition stand may be, without the right preparation and approach on the part of the stand personnel, the potential for success is lost.

Motivated team

Your stand personnel are given clear objectives. This creates a sense of togetherness and you build up a motivated and success-oriented trade fair team.

More contacts

You can optimize the quality, number and informative value of your trade fair contacts by improving the way you conduct and structure your discussions.

Stand out from the crowd

They leave a lasting positive impression on visitors to the trade fair and enhance the image of your company.

Our cooperation partner, the External Marketing & PR Department, stands for professional marketing and effective communication. Together, we strengthen your trade fair success with appropriate information material, press work, placement in social media channels, invitations and much more - always tailored precisely to your needs and requirements. Naturally in your corporate design and with a focus on your industry.

Exhibition stand

We ensure the DIFFERENCE

Work with us to plan your next trade fair appearance and stand out from the competition with a unique exhibition stand.